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Many people really love October for a great variety of reasons. Some because it is the time where the Summer begins to wind down, others because it is the time where Holidays begin to occur rapid fire. No matter the reason, October is a well loved time of the year. October is a time for color-changing leaves, cider and donuts, and getting cozy with your family. However, it is also a time for embracing your fears, costumes, and monsters! And why is that? One word: Halloween! Halloween is the time of the year where everybody heads out to the store to put together their Halloween costumes, candy begins to flood the markets, and the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Special is marathoned on television. During Halloween time, you start to get loads of costume party invites, horror movies begin to be released in the theatres, and haunted hay rides and corn mazes start to be held. However, one of the most appealing and well-loved attractions around Halloween is Haunted Houses. Haunted Houses are large, usually re-purposed structures that have been decorated to insight its' guests greatest possible fears! They accomplish this by decorating the Haunted House with terrifying objects, props, and set pieces, such as cobwebs, bloody walls, hanging meat sacks, and more. Not only this, but they are also occupied by actors dressed in the most terrifying costumes that you could imagine, whose only goal is to scare you out of your mind. Don't worry though, no actors in Haunted Houses will ever actually harm you (unless you signed a release form on your way into the Haunted House.) Haunted Houses are a big part of Halloween because they are so personal and immersive. However, even though most people have a fantastic time at Haunted Houses, they leave the Haunted House rather sad. Not because they just got scared out of their mind, but because they know that they will have to wait a whole year before attending the next Haunted House! A great way to alleviate this problem is by renting a party bus to take you and a group of your friends around to all of the great Haunted Houses in your area in one night! The following article will walk you through the benefits of renting a party bus to transport you on a night of terrifying, and fun-filled night of debauchery!

Party Buses are large, mobile parties that have a great number of uses! They come with state-of-the-art built-in sound systems, multi-colored interior lights, and fully-functional coolers that can store whatever drinks you like! Which leads us to our next point: it is completely legal for the passengers on board of party buses to drink alcoholic beverages! This saves you the need to organize a designated driver, which can be a great thing for that one friend who always seems to get stuck driving around a bunch of friends who just had a much more fun night than he did. Party Buses are typically used to transport people as a result of a celebration, such as a bachelor or bachelorette party, a bridal party, or a 21st birthday party celebration. However, you can utilize Party Buses however you would like! Haunted Houses are a fantastic way to utilize Party Buses because after a particularly scary Haunted House you can unwind with a group of your friends with drinks, and give yourself the liquid courage needed in order to head to the next Haunted House!